Product List

Spring Retainer

The Spring Retainer, available in a several different design styles and types, is an appliance designed for correcting minor incisor irregularities such as rotations, tipping and crowding. These appliances are self-activated, due to the repositioning of the teeth on the set up model and can also be used in combination with any of our custom acrylic color, pattern or decal options to provide the patient control over their customized retainer.

AOA Lab is a full-service orthodontic lab, specializing in the fabrication of orthodontic appliances including most metal orthodontic appliances, clear removable aligners, as well as acrylic based orthodontic appliances, and orthodontic space maintainers. We also feature Indirect Bonding Services for both Labial and Lingual braces. Our appliance selections also offer a full line of custom fabricated removable retainers and fixed or bonded retainers. AOA Laboratory is a full-service lab offering 3D digital orthodontic services including model printing. AOA Access provides our practices with an on-line order entry portal where appliance prescriptions can be completed online and submitted to our order entry system for your Herbst, AdvanSync, Mara, Retainers, Expanders, Positioners, Sleep Apnea Appliances, Splints and many other appliances. At AOA we are focused on quality, customer service and your practice.